Our mission

If you care about success, productivity and satisfaction of your employees, you are at the right place…

Today there are more and more people stressed, extremely busy, squeezing themselves trying to survive in the tough competition. This long-lasting pressure results in their productivity decrease and finally reduces their appetite to come to the work at all and enjoy it. Unfortunately it’s not common to stop a bit during the day, relax for a while, especially when you are working on an important project or running from one meeting to another…

Myself, I was working 15 years in different countries for Procter & Gamble - successful FMCG company. They have taken seriously the possible impact of an everyday stress and long-term exhaustion. I’ve decided to leverage my rich experiences from the corporate world and start educating people in an area of increasing productivity, efficiency and employees satisfaction via decreasing the impact of the stress during working hours. One of the most effective way is our 10-15 minutes massage through clothes right in the office. The extension with a long-term impact are then our wellbeing, work/life balance and stress management trainings tailored to the customer needs.
One of the biggest challenges employers have today is the problem of how to reach, motivate and retain highly qualified, skilled and loyal employees. Studies show, that companies which supports work-life balance and are able to create nice and productive working environment are able to retain these valuable employees much longer. You are going to be pleasantly surprised how each your investment into the health and wellbeing of your employees will come back via their increased productivity, moral and loyalty to the company.

Dana Sobotovičová, Managing director

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